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Smoked Brisket


Perfect For Any Occasion

We offer large party pick-up order catering and full-service special event catering. 

Our catering options are simple:

Pre-order and pick up to enjoy at our pop-ups or take home. Orders close the day prior at 11:59pm, pick up is at pop-up location. See our schedule of events for details.

Planning a special event with more than 30 people? We offer full-service, on-site catering.


We had the opportunity to partner with Smokemade for a wedding reception last Fall and could not have been more impressed with the quality of their product and execution of service.  From a BBQ standpoint, you would be hard pressed to find a better brisket offering being served to so many clients in swift fashion.

Their staff was very professional and was a pleasure to work hand in hand with to make our client’s wedding a great success. I’d highly recommend Smokemade to any barbecue lover looking to incorporate authentic smoked offerings into their event that will leave their guests raving. 

Chris Brady, Co-Owner of Timber Pizza Co.

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